Building, roofing and decorating

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33 thoughts on “Building, roofing and decorating

  1. Ladislav Maljar is a 20-years experienced and multi-skilled builder with a degree in geology, who has been a great help with various repairs and renovations throughout our house in Thornhill Crescent. He is able to do works including fitting out bathrooms, tiling, decking, garden wall repairs, insulating, paving, painting and plaster repairs as an independent tradesman.
    His approach is considerate: he finds efficient and long-term solutions to problems, and takes care to select the right tools and materials.
    He has worked for us over the last two years on renovations and redecoration, including fitting perfect shelving into the usual crooked corners of a Thornhill Crescent basement. He has also worked for a friend of ours, on some commercial build projects. He has done a good job on each of these projects, so he comes highly recommended. And his English is excellent. 07916441454.

  2. Conisbee structural engineers in Offord Road are excellent. I’ve used them on many projects over the years. Ask for Tim Attwood. He’s responsive and sensible.

  3. We recomend Andrew from Akz building services. He has done interior decorating and a bathroom. Reliable prices and good quality. 078 0065 5862.

  4. If you want a reliable, knowledgeable and all around great builder then Marek Jakalak (JMB Builders, phone 078 5043 9951 or just google him) is the one you want. We gutted our flat in Huntingdon Street in 2014 and Marek was the go to guy. He did all the electrics and plumbing, installed new heating pipework, insulated and installed wooden floors, remodelled and installed a new bathroom and kitchen, and did all the painting. Marek has a meticulous eye for detail and all historic elements of the flat were impeccably renovated. Great value for money too, easy to get along with and explores ideas with you.

  5. A great Painter and Decorator at a really good price. Extremely neat and tidy, honest, reliable, trustworthy, with over 20yrs experience. Did a great job in my home 16 TC. Owen 079 5622 6343.

  6. I am looking for a reliable, reasonably priced and efficient scaffolding firm: the front of my house is to be painted very soon. Do you know one, please? Thank you. Sharon Feinstein

  7. Has anyone had any recent experience 2013/14 having the outside of their property redone – repainting of windows, repointing, filling in etc., as necessary – our front needs some serious attention – having been ignored for a while, I would appreciate some recommendations! thank you.

  8. Midland Solutions whom I recommended in July 2010 seem to have vanished without trace. Can anyone please recommend a recently used and approved builder/handyman for a number of small repair jobs around the house?

  9. I would avoid Acorn, Ashmark are very efficient and reasonable and have recently fixed a longstanding problem.

  10. Another request for help! Think I need a locksmith as my front door is very difficult to open. Can anyone recommend a reliable locksmith?
    Thanks for your help.

  11. Hi Claire, I’m pretty sure ours are original, but maybe take a look at a couple of houses to be doubly sure? Pop round for a look, anytime.

  12. We are interested in re-fitting authentic(ish) interior glass doors to our conservatory (ours have long been missing). Does anyone have an original set still in place, or a well fitting replacement, that we could look at, to see what they should be like? Thanks for any tips.

  13. We have just had some work completed at our house in Thornhill Square and I can give a no hesitation 100% positive recommendation for these people, Midland Solutions – they were strongly recommended to me by two neighbours in Richmond Avenue, so three local “positives”. They seem to be able to do just about everything – painting and decorating, carpentry, electrics, roofing – to an excellent standard and all from their own team, no subcontractors. Contact Rod Weston of Midland Solutions.
    Midland Solutions
    079 6816 6727

  14. Does anyone know of good painter? I need to paint front door and repair lintel. I’ve taken note of Nino and Ronnie Kidd’s phone numbers.
    Many thanks, Rachel
    PS Paul B – I’m sorry I never got back in touch, hope you found a good roofer.

  15. Iam a local builder originally brought up in highbury.My work is usually around hampstead and highgate,specializing in renovations and refurbishments,bathroom and kitchen installations etc.Iam looking to trade more in the islington area.I have a good knowledge of the barnsbury area as i used to play football there as a kid,and also had lots of school friends from highbury grove live in the area.Anybody who needs a friendly and reliable local builder with high standards of workmanship and excellent references, please feel free to give me a call for a free quote.Tony 07944 775 768 Many Thanks.

  16. Try these below:
    Acorn Roofing is recommended by my business partner, Jane.
    020 7684 8124
    Mr Parrott
    We at no 19 Thornhill Crescent used Ashmark Roofing in 2003, and they seemed efficient and fixed the problem.
    020 8882 8812
    The national federation of roofing contractors has a list of approved roofers.
    020 7436 0387

  17. Reliable, local, home renovator – all trades: Chris 07814 808 913. Chris has done some work for me which was a very high standard at a reasonable price. Comes highly recommended!

  18. Painting, decorating, carpentry, tiling, plastering, electrical (and handyman for smaller stuff) – 23 years experience. I highly recommend Nino 078 8279 4161. He and his team are always working on houses in and around the Square. No job is too small. Good price, conscientious, thoughtful, kind and trustworthy — so fine to give him keys.

  19. Roofers: Acorn Roofing (recommended by my business partner, Jane)
    020 7684 8124
    Mr Parrott
    We used Ashmark Roofing in 2003, and they fixed the problem.
    020 8882 8812
    The national federation of roofing contractors has a list of approved roofers:
    020 7436 0387

  20. Does anyone know of a reliable roofer? Have leaky roof and a quote from one roofing company for £5,000 to fix it! I need to get another quote.

  21. Ronnie Kidd is a great painter who we recommend. He is very thorough, hard working and good at his job.
    079 0449 5281
    020 8882 8981

  22. I recommend J K Builders. Call John Kyreaku on 020 8343 9254 or 079 7382 9390. They’re reliable, trustworthy and reasonably priced.

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