Electricity, gas and plumbing

Requests, suggestions and offers about services for people living in the Thornhill Square area are published here, after being checked.

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19 thoughts on “Electricity, gas and plumbing

  1. Michael, 1-2-1, on 020 8343 1918 or 078 3119 3625, is recommended for boiler maintenance and plumbing, having done work for many branches of the Cronin family for years.

  2. I recommend Steve too – on 078 4360 6854 – for electrical work. Knowledgeable and very thorough. Sorted out my dodgy 1960s electrics!

  3. Reliable local electrician, have used him for many years, highly recommended – Steve 078 4360 6854. Reasonably priced and tidy too!

  4. I had an emergency need of a locksmith. I contacted Islington Locksmiths of 2-10 Baron Street on 020 7278 9338. I spoke to someone who was extremely efficient, reassuring and polite. After I sent him some pictures, he talked me through the problem on the phone, enabled me to solve it, and refused to charge. This seemed to me exemplary help and service, which neighbours should know about.

  5. I need advice on people who service intruder alarms in the area. The people whom we use and who installed the system are not NIS or SSAID accredited, and our insurers want us to use an approved organisation for servicing. I’m hoping the police might have some useful contact names; alternatively, a fellow resident might.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Steve Cole 078 3667 8589 (call after 11.00 a.m. as he works into the evenings and then sleeps in). He’s local, reasonably priced, trustworthy etc..

  7. I can recommend Steve 078 5040 5499 or 020 8363 1843. He was born in Islington and he’s fixed my electrics for years. Or Nino 078 8279 4161 has a good electrician on his team.

  8. We live on Hemingford Road and need an electrician to carry out testing and replacement of a fuse box. We want to make sure all the work complies with existing 17th edition and can be certificated.
    any recommendations (based on use) gratefully received!

  9. Hi. Can anyone recommend someone who might be able to fix a Samsung built in electric oven?
    Any suggestions gratefully received,
    Many thanks

  10. For computer and internet and home electrical problems, the Ameys recommend Richard Sitek, mobile 077 2728 5672. (Back from his holiday beginning of July 09). He sorts and sets up internet and fixes PCs and some Mac stuff too, and he’s an electrician.
    Lives in Muswell Hill

  11. Steve Weeden 078 5040 5499 installed our boiler. Good value and always around if you ever need him to pop back. He does a lot of work in the Square — saw him working at no 24 in the Crescent yesterday, as it happens.
    Islington born and very trustworthy. Send him my regards.

  12. Have just been told that I need to get a new boiler, as my existing boiler (Vokera Excell 80 SP) is too old and too expensive to repair. Need a second opinion – can anyone recommend someone reliable and knowledgeable? Many thanks!

  13. For a reliable electrician/ plumber who was born and bred in Islington, call Steve Weeden on 078 5040 5499. He also installs solar heating!

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