See the garden of a house in Thornhill Square on Sunday 4 June

36 Thornhill Square opens annually to the public in aid of the National Gardens Scheme. Visitors get to wander freely round the garden (details below) and enjoy an afternoon tea with home made cake. Proceeds go to Macmillan Nurses and other charities.

The garden contains hundreds of different varieties of herbaceous perennials, including many hardy geraniums, heucheras and campanulas. Many of the unusual perennials are propagated for sale. There are old and new shrub and climbing roses, with good specimens of David Austin’s modern English Roses, as well as hybrid musks and older roses including Old Blush China and Sophie’s Perpetual. There is a big rambler, Francis E Lester, climbing up a silver birch, and also two rare examples of “old” new roses – the single Floribunda Dainty Maid and the single hybrid tea Dusky Maiden. There are many clematis, including Niobe, H F Young and Marie Boisselot.

A new feature this year is the “woodland walk”; created when we removed 36 large sacks of ivy from the end wall and discovered we had five more feet of garden that we had realised.

There are tender plants in pots on the patio, including abutilons and scented pelargoniums, and a small collection of bonsai trees.

The garden was begun 21 years ago, when it was full of rubble, rough grass and a huge diseased black poplar. It is in a constant state of change as new plants are discovered and somehow made room for.

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