Filming on 25 May and 7 June 2006

Thornhill Square is to feature in a six-part comedy drama, Tripping Over, to be broadcast in Australia and on UK’s Channel Five in 2006. The story (devised by Mike Bullen who wrote Cold Feet, and directed by Sam Miller whose past credits include This Life and the documentary Krakatoa) is about a group of people in their mid twenties. It begins in Thailand where five characters meet by chance. Two of them go on to Sydney and the other three head for London. We follow their fortunes in the respective capitals as they make their way in the world.

The production company is donating funds to both the Thornhill Square Association and Saint Andrew’s Church, and has supplied details of the filming schedule. If you experience any problems during the filming, call the location manager Tim Maw on 079 7168 5323 or David Bell on 077 8665 6662.

Filming schedule

25 May
8 am to 3 pm — The characters will be filmed chatting over a pint in the Islington Bar (corner of Bridgeman Road and Caledonian Road). Eight technical equipment vehicles will be parked in Bridgeman Road, predominantly on the stretch outside the square with any overspill on the pay-and-display bays by the church.

3 pm to 5 pm — 53 Thornhill Square will be the exterior of Lizzie and Tamsin’s flat (the interior will be a film set in Melbourne). Characters will be filmed entering and leaving the flat. The technical vehicles will remain in Bridgeman Road, but a four resident parking bays immediately outside number 53 will also be needed. Please avoid parking on this stretch that afternoon — it will be marked with yellow road cones.

7 June

8 am to 1 pm — This shoot will be identical to that described above but with a different director, Ian Wilson (Episodes 4 to 6), The vehicles will be parked in the same positions with four resident bays reserved outside no 53. In addition, the team plan to shoot one scene where characters leave the park and cross the road to the house.

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