Contacting the neighbourhood police

To report anti-social behaviour of a potentially criminal kind, send a message to or call a Caledonian Ward police number, 020 8435 0328 or 078 7613 2092. If the anti-social behaviour is associated with transport facilities, instead send a message to or call the Islington Safer Transport Team police number, 077 8787 8484. Note (and report to the police) the culprits’ clothing, hair colour, height, build, number plates and so on, and the time when the behaviour occurred. Not all the phones are attended for 24 hours of the day.

If the situation is dangerous or requires urgent attention, instead call 112 or 999.

To report a crime (such as a car break-in) where the situation is not dangerous and does not require urgent attention, visit, call 101 or call the Metropolitan central police number, 0300 123 1212. Doing this will provide a crime number and ensure inclusion in the neighbourhood crime statistics.

To sign up for receiving police information, visit