A peek at what came Herculing round Thornhill Crescent

Sheila Webb, a typist for-hire, arrives at her afternoon appointment to find a well-dressed corpse surrounded by six clocks, four of which are stopped at 4:13.  While visiting Wilbraham Crescent special branch agent Colin Lamb finds Sheila running into his arms. He is there investigating areas connected with crescents or the moon while following up a clue to an investigation, left by a fellow agent, before his death, that read “61 M” followed by a crescent shape.

David Suchet as the Belgian Detective Hercule Poirot in The Clocks by Agatha Christie.
Poirot seated MAIN
Thornhill Crescent playing the part of Wilbraham Crescent (having had its double yellow lines removed).
Poirot crescent back in time
An imported phone box.
Picture 3
The inspector calling.
Picture 2
Two actors resting.
Poirot actors in hats
The dead body assisted by two police officers.
Poirot actors 2
And this is drop-dead gorgeous.
Poirot black car
As is this.
Poirot green car interior
The dead body playing its part.
Picture 4
My dear, incorrigible, Kat in action.
Poirot seated with Kat

2 thoughts on “A peek at what came Herculing round Thornhill Crescent

  1. omg wow i never saw you just sat there b4 are you really french or do you just act it ? lol you’re really good at playing the part of poirot 😀

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