Thornhill Square Association donation of £2000 to local youth work

Steven cyp

At the last Thornhill Square Association (TSA) meeting in February, a local youth worker explained the projects his youth group were undertaking in our area. The meeting attenders unanimously agreed that £2000 from the TSA bank account should be donated to support this work. The youth group is Copenhagen Youth Project (CYP). For the minutes of the meeting click here. For further information or to make a private donation contact

The TSA funds will be used to support the delivery of ‘Scootalive’ a project supporting young people to ride scooters legally and safely. In the past Thornhill Square, Bridgeman Road and some of the surrounding areas have been used for reckless scooter riding; this programme will act as a preventative measure for such behaviour.

The programme includes 6 workshops: Scooter Safety, London Fire Brigade, Bike Mechanics, Criminal and Anti Social Behaviour, Sparkplug Scrambling and Drug Awareness. The workshops will run throughout April and May, be delivered by outside agencies and be supported by CYP youth workers.

Participation in all these workshops will qualify the young person for a place on a competency bike training course which would usually cost £120.00.

This is the second time CYP has worked in partnership with the Council to deliver the ‘Scootalive’ programme, and, following the success of the first programme, CYP has already registered 7 young people for this course.

The first course saw 17 young people enrol with 9 completing; this is a good completion rate for a project which is accessed voluntarily by the young people.

At every session a register is taken (name, age, gender, ethnicity of all attendees) and detailed session reports are written by youth workers (aims & objectives, target indicators, session evaluation, needs identified by young people, outcomes, mentors progression, forward planning).

At the end of the programme CYP will provide an evaluation to the Council and a written report, complete with statistics, to the TSA. 

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