Be vigilant with smart phones


Islington Police is warning the community to take care when using smart phones in public as part of a London-wide awareness campaign this January.

During the post-holiday season, which sees many people sporting new high-value goods, such as phones, electronic tablets, media players and jewellery, the Metropolitan Police is advising owners across London to take care when and where they take them out.

While operational activity to tackle street robbery continues, including increased patrols in hotspot areas and pro-active investigations to arrest those responsible, the Metropolitan Police is asking Londoners to take some steps to help themselves.

Detective Sergeant Sean Tuckey said:

Islington Police officers take street robbery very seriously and we are working hard to catch offenders. However, the public can minimise the chance of it happening by taking some basic measures. When you are out, where possible try to keep any valuables secure.

The majority of items which are stolen during robberies in Islington are smart phones and electronic tablets like iPads. Criminals simply see these items as cash. Many robberies happen when people check their phones or use applications just after leaving train stations, or when they are going about their business and may be distracted. Adults who have consumed alcohol and have less awareness of their surroundings are also more vulnerable. We’re also aware that young people are targeted, usually by other young people.

We are not asking the public not to use their phones or media players in public – we are just advising them to be vigilant about where and when they use them.

For more information and crime prevention advice visit or (for young people aged 11-16)

For more information about Islington Police go to

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