How Thornhill Square Association helped the local youth group

Thornhill Square Association’s donation of £2,000 in March 2010 contributed to educating youngsters on scooter safety and drug awareness.

A big thank you to all the residents of Thornhill Square for your support.

Click here to download a report from youth workers Theo Thomas & Stephen Griffith.

Copenhagen Youth Project
1st Floor, West Library, Bridgeman Road London N1 1BD
020 7607 6050

And a big thank you to Theo and Stephen from CYP for all their good work.

3 thoughts on “How Thornhill Square Association helped the local youth group

  1. Hi all, I am a resident of Richmond Crescent, and I am writing to ask for your help.
    At the back of Richmond Avenue and Richmond Crescent there are four magnificent plane trees, which are certainly hundred of years old.
    An application has been filed to fell all the trees (due to alledged subsidances).
    I spoke to some residents and I am planning to submit an objection to the application (the first deadline being July 18) on behalf of as many people as I can. It is reasonable to maintain that pruning and reducing the trees would be a first option to explore, before such a drastic decision as knocking down the trees is taken.
    We really need to raise awarness and stop this regrettable action to take place, considering the amenity and the pleasure which the trees bring to our ward (and the neighbourhood as a whole).
    If you think you can help, please drop me an email or call me at 0774 7171 371.
    Many thanks

  2. I don’t think it’s the same youngsters. Remember you can use the numbers you have been given to report these incidents you describe. Did you go to the meeting at which they voted for this? I wasn’t able to attend but I hear it was a unanimous decision so perhaps you weren’t there either?

  3. The same ‘youngsters’ continued to terrorise our Square on scooters at all hours of the day/night. Most of the scooters are stolen. Shouldn’t we be teaching them about respecting others property, not stealing from others, and how to behave properly? It seems a huge waste of money to us and we are surprised it was spent this way.

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