Help to cheer up Barnard Park

This messages comes from the Friends of Barnard Park.

Barnard ParkAre you interested in planting and nurturing a variety of plants in Barnard Park, and becoming more involved in the community?

Would you like to work with experienced gardeners to learn new skills — or to share your own?

Please e-mail us at if you are interested in becoming involved in the community gardening group in Barnard Park. There is work to be done at all skill levels. Gardening in the park in not always predictable but it’s fun and creative.

We are looking to gauge interest, and to work around all levels of commitment, from big to small. So, if you’re interested, please tell us:

  • When might you be able to come — weekdays or weekends?
  • Would you be willing to commit to a monthly session, or just respond to the occasional shout-out for specific projects?
  • Would you consider yourself an experienced gardener, an enthusiastic one, or even just a willing pair of hands?

Please let us know if you are interested. The park is your garden. We look forward to seeing you in it.

Friends of Barnard Park

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