The WW2 bombing of 55-57 Huntingdon Street, by a descendant of the survivors

I was just pointed in the direction of this web site, as I was wondering if there had ever been anything ever written about the WW2 bombing of Huntingdon Street Islington. My mother is a survivor of that bombing. She lived at 57 Huntingdon Street, in (she thinks) the upstairs of the house.

She always told us this story. She was a little girl at the time and doesn’t remember much about it, but the bomb had come through her house landing in the house next door and blew up the whole block. Her family, consisting of my grandmother, grandfather, aunt and mother, and a little baby girl living next door were the only ones to survive. My aunt can remember coming down the stairs in the house when there were no walls. My mom can only remember walking up and down the street afterwards.

Melanie Mackenzie.