Love, Nina in Thornhill Crescent

In the 1980’s Nina moved to London to look after the two sons, Joe and Max, of George. There she wrote letters to her sister that were later published (and listed under “autobiography” in libraries). The film is based on the book but changes the names of the characters except “Nina” and “Nunney”; for instance, Malcolm was originally Alan Bennett. One of the boys had a disability; now, thirty years on, in the film he plays a neighbour, Ray, looked after by Nunney.

Malcolm, Nina, Joe, George, Max, Nunney and Ray.
George enduring some heavy, but extremely local, rain to call on Malcolm.
Malcolm leaving his house to have supper with George.
Nina, Joe, George and Max discussing graffiti outside their house.
Ray and Nunney ready to move into action.
A car driven by Nina having collided with a lamp post (after local rain).
Nina inspecting the damage (after real rain).
Thornhill Crescent playing its part.
The milkman arriving.
A front room dressed for its role as a study.
The crew and Malcolm occupying the study.
The director filming from a hall.

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