Finding out what users of Thornhill Square would like

This message comes from Toby Taper.

Thornhill Square Users Survey:  Interviewers Wanted

Garden and railingsThe users of Thornhill Square together with Islington Council are currently preparing a bid to the Park for People Heritage Lottery Fund for making improvements to Thornhill Square.  This includes carrying out a survey of people who use the Square, with the questionnaire covering both their current usage and the improvements that they would like.

Now we need people to do the interviewing!

We hope to do the interviews in the fortnight between Saturday, 17 and Friday, 30 September, when the holiday period is over and the weather should still be reasonably good. We’d like to interview on every day of the week at various times between 7am and 7pm, depending on the number and availability of interviewers.  We would generally expect an interviewer to work for about two hours at a time, but clearly we can be flexible about this.  Each interview should take around five minutes to complete, using a tablet and a package called ‘Survey Monkey’.

At this stage, please could you provide the information asked for below if you’re willing to be an interviewer, indicating the days and times you may be available between 17 and 30 September.  

Please could you also say if you do not have a tablet to use for doing the interviewing.

And if you have any particular knowledge/experience of using Survey Monkey, would you like to help with the technical aspects of the survey?

As we’re planning to carry out some interviewer training at the beginning of September, please could you return the information by Monday 29 August.

Thank you for returning the information by Monday 29 August.

Toby Taper
020 7609 1709 or 078 8191 7172

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