Checking local bus services

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To check live departure times click here and then type your departure road name or post code (if you wish to choose a bus stop from a map) or your departure bus stop code.

Alternatively text your departure bus stop code (which is written on a plate attached to the stop) to 87287.

The local bus stop codes are:

  • Story Street southbound (bus stop P): 52037
  • Story Street northbound (bus stop M): 74029
  • Richmond Avenue southbound (bus stop W): 52308
  • Richmond Avenue northbound (bus stop V): 48287

The relevant bus route numbers are:

  • 17: between Archway Station / Junction Road and London Bridge Station
  • 91: between Tottenham Lane YMCA and Whitehall / Trafalgar Square
  • 259: between Edmonton Green Bus Station and King’s Cross Road / Pentonville Road
  • 274: between Angel Islington and Lancaster Gate Station
  • 153: between Finsbury Park Interchange and Liverpool Street Station
  • N91: between Cockfosters Station and Whitehall / Trafalgar Square

To check service disruptions click here and then type the bus route number.

To get timetables click here and then select the bus route number.

To get route maps click here and then select the location.

Nearer bus stops

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