Agenda from the first ever meeting of the Thornhill Square Association

Thanks for this picture to Beth Wilson, who was present at the first meeting 26 years ago.


Improvement plans in 2006

We are currently focused on restoring the railings round Thornhill Square Gardens, which have fallen into disrepair. Islington Council has agreed to fund some of the work and we have put in an application to English Heritage for a grant. Once we know the outcome of this grant application we will organise some local fund-raising events to make our own financial contribution towards the work.

We are also liaising with Islington Council over how many trees are to be planted on Thornhill Square and Thornhill Crescent pavements. The majority of residents at the last meeting disliked the idea of trees being planted directly outside their houses, so the Council has agreed to consult each household individually. The Committee at the last meeting voted for more trees and plants in the park rather than more trees on the pavements, so we are pursuing this with the Council.