Help to mark the Olympic Torch Relay on Thursday 26 July

Olympic Torch

The Ace and Lion group of artists is setting up in a shop on Caledonian Road just south of the railway bridge. Team Cally has asked it to make a picture of the Olympic Torch Relay from local photographs. Photographs should be sent to, not (contrary to what the advertisement above says).

The route of the Relay, and the bearers of the Torch, are identified here.

Find out how anti-social behaviour is handled locally on Wednesday 23 May

Ward Partnership Public Meeting 23 May 2012

There are public meetings every six months or so to discuss what is happening in Caledonian Ward. The forthcoming one is expected to focus on anti-social behaviour and to include (as usual) a summary of the current priorities for Caledonian Ward. The note below, from Mo Hammoudan (who co-ordinates the meetings), says more about it.

In recent years residents have become much more aware of the issues of anti-social behaviour and the things that can be done to address this type of problem.

There are a lot of different organisations who have a role to play in directly dealing with, and helping to resolve, anti-social behaviour. The Islington Metropolitan Police, Islington Community Safety Teams and Islington Housing Department work with local people, communities, other social landlords and various organisations to address problems of anti-social behaviour by working in partnership to use the most appropriate interventions to stop these problems and support victims.

A large number of calls are received by the police throughout the year from people complaining about ‘nuisance youths’.  Some of these calls are not to report any crime, damage, noise or a direct threat but many are from people who feel intimidated by groups of youngsters who congregate in public places such as on the Caledonian Road and in parks and estates.

Children and young people are part of our communities and will always congregate; it’s a natural part of growing up and very few youngsters who meet in public places are actually committing any criminal or other offence. Young people often gather in groups because it makes them feel safer, choosing places near shops because they are well lit and busy. In many cases they are actually unaware that their presence alone can seem intimidating to others. However there is a difference between young people acting deliberately to cause damage or upset and those who have simply gathered to socialise.

The Caledonian Ward Partnership Public Meeting is an opportunity for local residents to hear how all the different agencies have worked together over the past year and in some cases over many years to address issues of crime and anti-social behaviour in Caledonian Ward.  More importantly this is your opportunity to put forward your ideas on how to make our ward safer for everyone in our community. 

The meeting is also an opportunity for you as residents to meet your local councillors, shape the future of neighbourhood management in Caledonian Ward and contribute to the priorities for the area.

Come to the Cally Festival on Sunday 11 July

The Guardian, Wellcome Trust, Argent and the local Islington community bring you: The Cally Festival on Sunday 3rd July 12 noon – 6pm.

Anya Johnson
Market Manager
Cally Festival
078 9618 3750

Brought to you by The Guardian, Wellcome Trust, Argent and the local Islington community…

We welcome you to ‘The Cally Festival.'The first community-boutique event taking place on the backbone of King’s Cross- the Caledonian Road. This pop-up festival will see a large section of Caledonian Road closed off and packed full of rare Sunday afternoon delights! There will be a live music stage with exciting well-known acts spanning across the genres of pop, hip hop, rock n’ roll, funk, and gospel.

The street will be lined with over 70 independent market traders, selling a range of products from designer-maker crafts to home-made cakes. Islington’s finest authentic foods can be sampled in the Food Village alongside cooking demonstrations.

Children can be entertained in the Kids’ Zone, with an eclectic mix of activities from circus to craft workshops and storytelling in the tipi.

If you’re feeling energetic, you can join in one-on-one football and Wii Fit Tennis, or watch some impressive tricks at the skateboard demo. And just so you don't miss out, the Wimbledon Tennis finals will be shown on a large outdoor screen by our grassy patch, provided of course with strawberries!

Come and sample our delights.

5-Day Artist Residency with Exhibition (30th May-3rd June)

There's an opportunity for 6 experienced artists to run a mini apprenticeship session with residents from the Bemerton Estate running up to the festival. The 5 day program (11am-4pm) will take place in a huge warehouse within the estate grounds, with each pair having their own personal work studio within the warehouse The artist can use their work studio space for a week (flexible) to generate some exciting pieces of artwork with the residents. The idea is for the 6 artists to work together with the residents to come up with an exciting joint-project with personal guidance.

The end result of the residency is to exhibit the artwork for one day in a pop up gallery for a viewing on the day of the Cally Festival – Sunday 3rd July. The pop up gallery is located in the centre of the festival strip on the high street. This is the first session of a pioneering project of teaming up artists with Bemerton Estate residents to produce artwork for the estate. Materials can be provided and we are aiming to use recycled materials where possible.

This project will be exposed to the local council, The Guardian and everyone at the Cally Festival.


Would you like to make some bunting for Cally Festival? Plenty of bright and colourful recycled materials are provided to decorate Caledonian Road. We are aiming to make over 300m for the event, so please join in and tell your friends and neighbours!