The neighbourhood in March

Thanks to Yeshen Venema for these pictures.

Celebrate the life of Edith Garrud on Saturday 30 June


One of the people’s plaques chosen in the vote in 2011 was for Edith Garrud (1872-1971), the suffragette and jujutsu teacher who lived at 60 Thornhill Square. Wikipedia has an account of her life.

The plaque is to be unveiled outside 60 Thornhill Square at 1:00 pm on Saturday 30 June. After the unveiling there will be a reception at St Andrew’s Church, a short walk from the house.

The house was later occupied by Lisa Pontecorvo (1944-2008), who is commemorated here.

The Clocks in Thornhill Crescent

A long clip from The Clocks by Agatha Christie is here (but cannot be embedded in this post). It includes scenes inside and outside some of the houses where it was filmed in 2009.

This is said to have been the last performance of Anna Massey before she died.
Anna Massey as Miss Pebmarsh in a house in Wilbraham Crescent

The entire series of films with David Suchet is expected to be completed this year.
David Suchet as Hercule Poirot in a garden in Wilbraham Crescent

The tree house in Barnsbury Wood was built without being attached to the trees.
The tree house in a garden in Wilbraham Crescent

The still shots below are from the ITV screening.

The short clip below is just a trailer.