The Clocks in Thornhill Crescent

A long clip from The Clocks by Agatha Christie is here (but cannot be embedded in this post). It includes scenes inside and outside some of the houses where it was filmed in 2009.

This is said to have been the last performance of Anna Massey before she died.
Anna Massey as Miss Pebmarsh in a house in Wilbraham Crescent

The entire series of films with David Suchet is expected to be completed this year.
David Suchet as Hercule Poirot in a garden in Wilbraham Crescent

The tree house in Barnsbury Wood was built without being attached to the trees.
The tree house in a garden in Wilbraham Crescent

The still shots below are from the ITV screening.

The short clip below is just a trailer.

Checking local bus services

Bus 91Bus 274

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The local bus stop codes are:

  • Story Street southbound (bus stop P): 52037
  • Story Street northbound (bus stop M): 74029
  • Richmond Avenue southbound (bus stop W): 52308
  • Richmond Avenue northbound (bus stop V): 48287

The relevant bus route numbers are:

  • 17: between Archway Station / Junction Road and London Bridge Station
  • 91: between Tottenham Lane YMCA and Whitehall / Trafalgar Square
  • 259: between Edmonton Green Bus Station and King’s Cross Road / Pentonville Road
  • 274: between Angel Islington and Lancaster Gate Station
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Driving to the area

No through road signThe most tortuous approaches to the Thornhill Square area are those from Caledonian Road; the simplest versions of them are below. Approaches to the area from other directions can use parts of these.

driving to the Thornhill Square areaWhen driving south along Caledonian Road, go

  • left into Offord Road,
  • right into Hemingford Road,
  • right into Huntingdon Street,
  • left into Crescent Street, and
  • right or left into Thornhill Crescent.

When driving north along Caledonian Road, go

  • right into Copenhagen Street,
  • left into Matilda Street,
  • across Richmond Avenue, and
  • right or left into Thornhill Square.

Birds in or above Barnsbury Wood

This message comes from Julian Amey.

goldfinchI attended the Ecology Centre end of year tea party as a Barnsbury Wood volunteer. I was asked to extend my bird survey to include “fly overs”, so in 2012 I will also be recording those species (such as sea gulls, swifts, swallows and martins) that do not land in the wood but use the airspace above. I would be grateful if other bird enthusiasts would help with the survey. To do so please contact me by email at or by phone at 020 7607 9457.

For the first time I spotted two goldfinches in Barnsbury Wood recently. They are distinctive because of their bright yellow and gold plumage. They are now described here, with the other birds in Barnsbury Wood.

Help to cheer up Barnard Park

This messages comes from the Friends of Barnard Park.

Barnard ParkAre you interested in planting and nurturing a variety of plants in Barnard Park, and becoming more involved in the community?

Would you like to work with experienced gardeners to learn new skills — or to share your own?

Please e-mail us at if you are interested in becoming involved in the community gardening group in Barnard Park. There is work to be done at all skill levels. Gardening in the park in not always predictable but it’s fun and creative.

We are looking to gauge interest, and to work around all levels of commitment, from big to small. So, if you’re interested, please tell us:

  • When might you be able to come — weekdays or weekends?
  • Would you be willing to commit to a monthly session, or just respond to the occasional shout-out for specific projects?
  • Would you consider yourself an experienced gardener, an enthusiastic one, or even just a willing pair of hands?

Please let us know if you are interested. The park is your garden. We look forward to seeing you in it.

Friends of Barnard Park

A new wholefood shop on Caledonian Road

Packet array

A new wholefood shop opened at 290 Caledonian Road (almost opposite Iceland) just before the end of last year. It sells healthy, organic and “free from” foods, and various other products. It offers home delivery as well as being open from early in the morning until late at night from Monday to Saturday. The owner, Amit, is looking to build his stock and client base. Supporting his efforts would let us see this local business grow.

The Natural Shop
290 Caledonian Road, N1 1BA
074 0311 5173
twitter feed: @thenaturalshop

The year started with a bang

At the beginning of January a large ash tree split and was felled by the wind in Thornhill Square Gardens. Five other trees or shrubs, and three metres of railings, came with it. The trees and shrubs are to be replaced (though in some cases not until much later in the year); the railings are to be refurbished and reassembled.

Thanks to Aron Cronin for these pictures.